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Spiritual Gifts Discovery

What Are We Asking You To Do?

Welcome to the Spiritual Gifts Discovery Assessment! As part of our renewed effort to use the gifts that God has given to us in service to him and his kingdom, we are asking every Confirmed Member of Prince of Peace to fill out the Spiritual Gifts Assessment. It only takes about 3 minutes. Go with your first instinct when answering the questions. When you're finished you will have your own personal Spiritual Gifts Report that you can view, print and save. Parents, if you have younger children who are interested in this, you may have them take the assessment if you wish.

Why Are We Asking You To Do It?

We want service at Prince of Peace to be a natural result of the gifts that God has given you and out of thanksgiving for what Jesus has done for you by making you his dear son or daughter in the faith.  When this happens service becomes a joy and not a burden. 

We are praying for 100% participation! We will keep you posted on the progress of this initiative!