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Pray To God

The Book of Psalms in the Bible is filled with prayers to God.  Notice that anytime you see "LORD" in all capital letters this is God's special name for himself signifying that he is the God of "Free and Faithful Love".

Here are a few Psalms to look at before you pray:
  • Focus your heart on what God has done for you -  Psalm 4
  • Focus your heart on Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication (ACTS)
  • Pray with sincere trust - Psalm 116
  • Pray persistently and expect results - Psalm 77
Having read the Word of God on prayer, confidently bring your requests before your Lord Jesus Christ.

We have people willing to pray for you, if you would like.  Request a prayer today.

Ready to learn more about Prayer? Check out our resource page "Home of Prayer Everyday" (H.O.P.E.)